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December 2019 Newsletter

** Monthly Newsletter and announcements!

** From our Director
Change is in the air!

Hi parents!  This will be our new monthly newsletter to parents to keep you informed.  This is part of our new changes for 2020 that this very lengthy message is about.

I know many of you have seen quite a few changes happening at Little Geniuses.  You have seen some new faces for teachers, our outdoor mountain of mulch, classroom adjustments, and more.  We want to let everyone know these changes are all in anticipation for our new launch in 2020.  We will be coming back better than ever for our Little Geniuses!

Little Geniuses was just a dream three years ago.  Now we are entering 2020 with so many success stories that continue to energize us. We have funded college educations for our teachers, infused our local community charities and schools with needed funding for children's programs, reached new children in low income areas, and most of all, set a new love for STEM learning with hundreds of children that otherwise would not have the exposure.  We have never turned away a single child with our belief that all young people should be prepared to think deeply and to think well so that they have the chance to become the innovators, educators, researchers, and leaders of tomorrow.

Now to address the changes that are impacting so many of you..  We have been working on many partnerships over the last year.  With those partnerships came new responsibilities and metrics we needed to hit in order to gain access to valuable benefits for our children in care.

New Programs & Standards

One of the biggest goals this year was reaching approval from the Early Learning Coalition to enable the School Readiness Program.  This new program added standards ( that our teachers needed to meet within the classroom.  Enthusiastically, we marched into valuable training and enhancements to meet these new standards with our teachers.  This led to unexpected turnover that we needed to address in short order.  Please be confident that this is our family business and we strive to find the right fit for our Little Geniuses in care.  We ask for patience as we continue on this valuable endeavor.

In our mission to reach every child, we have successfully implemented a program with YMCA Lakewood Ranch to expand our curriculum to their little ones in care for 2 hours a day at No Cost.  We hope you visit the local LWR YMCA to see what we are up to!
* Early Learning Coalition  (
+ School Readiness
+ Voluntary Pre-K
* YMCA Lakewood Ranch (
+ Free care to YMCA children

Play Area & Outdoor Learning

The Early Learning Coalition has also challenged us to re-envision our outdoor area as an "outdoor learning area" versus a "playground".  We have cleared our areas to make room for 3 distinct learning areas.  The large area will become an imagination zone with Step2 play houses, see-saws, sand/water tables, and soccer goals.  Our secondary area will be an outdoor experiment zone for nature.  Our third zone will be our new garden where children will work on their green thumb.

New Classrooms & Assessments

I'm sure you noticed our lunchroom has changed!  We are making that our new science area complete with experiment tables, protective eyewear, supplies, and childrens smocks.  This will make way for our new partnership like with Sarasota Clay Company ( to join us in fun hands on experiments.  Our friends over at Manasota Flooring will be installing new vinyl flooring this month so please pardon the dust.

We are also adding our infant care room in the current STEM zone.  You will begin to see new little ones from 0-1 years old added into our program.

With all of the new standards, we are outfitting our classrooms with new recommended items from Early Learning Coalition.  This will help identify key areas for specific learning exercises.  One of the biggest callouts is our children should be prepared for elementary school assessments by computer.  We will be adding computers complete with kids keyboards to make sure they pass this assessment with flying colors.

I hope all of these changes get you as excitied and energized as we are!  If you have any concerns or suggestions, please forward them to me by email at [email protected] (mailto:[email protected]) or stop in my office.  Thank you for being a part of our mission and supporting Little Geniuses and our community.


** STEM Experiment Pictures

Pumpkin Pie
Our Little Geniuses made homemade pumpkin pie and getting their hands dirty.  What better way to learn STEM than to build it then eat it!
** Curriculum
Every aspect of the curriculum and instruction at Little Geniuses is designed to be hands on, stimulating, and engaging. We also feel it is essential to include discussion in every lesson.

Theme - Winter
1. Books
2. Polar Animals and Habitats
3. Holidays Around the World
4. Winter and Exploring Ice

Experiments - Hands on learning
1. Blubber and polar bear warmth
2. Candy Cane experiment
3. Unity cup
4. Chinese Dragon
5. Christmas Tree
6. Candle for Hannukah
7. Gingerbread Man

** Staff Annoucements & Policies
* New Teachers

Laura Hatfield - Lead Teacher

Gricelda Reynoso - Lead Teacher

* Assessments
+ You will be receiving new assessment sign-offs as we are moving towards ASQ assessments from Ages & Stages ( .  This will make their assessments standardized and online for your review.  Be on the lookout for a welcome letter from your Little Geniuses teacher.
* Teacher Change(s)
+ Ms. Fany has moved on to her internships for furthering her education. We are glad we were able to support her through the beginning of her career working with children. She is one of proud success stories through our partnership with Unidos Now ( .
+ Ms. Sabrena has moved on to continue her career and finish her degree in Early Childhood Education to become an Elementary teacher. We are grateful for the time she has been with us. The program, kids, staff and parents will miss her and wish her the best of luck!
+ Mrs. Brianna has moved from her first childcare position at Little Geniuses.  We wish her the best in her future endeavors.
* Reminders
+ Please remember to bring your child’s cup with their name on it, with you every day and take it home at the end of the day as well.
+ Please remember to keep blankets small and label the sheets for your child.
+ Remember to make sure your child has an extra set of clothes here at the center.
+ Please label all personal items that come to school; including spoons, forks, cups, ect.
+ Teacher will be reminding you if Physical and Immunizations are due for your child.
+ No big pillows sent in please. There is limited space to store this properly.

** Birthday Shout Outs
* Ebba L. (3)             Dec. 2
* Fanya Z.  (3)          Dec. 8
* Addilynn B. (5)      Dec. 19
* Chase W. (5)           Dec. 25

** Important Dates
* December 24th - Closing at 2pm
* December 25th - Closed
* December 31st - Closing at 2pm
* January 1st - Closed
* January 31st - Registration Fees Due

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