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Our Toddlers

Independent Stage

Toddlers are in the independent stage of life. Little Geniuses encourages children to express themselves using their words. We also work with toddlers on handling their growing emotions. We utilize many hands-on experiments and encourage social interaction. At this age, we understand that children are focused on themselves. Knowing that, we help them expand on learning things about themselves and the world around them.

Our STEM curriculum allows us to adapt to each individual child’s needs and level of learning.

In Science we will explore solutions during story times and experiments. They will be using STEM related tools to formulate “why, what, how?” questions in daily interactions. We will be putting all the “Why?” questions that children ask to good use.

In Technology we will be teaching your child how to use and take care of a technology device. We will be using educational apps to encourage the love of learning and developing skills for the future.

In Engineering we will be explore how to build things and what it takes to make things work a certain way. We will be exploring the “Why does that happen; What makes that work?” questions.

In Math, your toddler will be using number talk such as more/less, under/over, inside/outside, full/empty. They will play sorting and matching games. We will count many things throughout the day to show them numbers are all around us and become very important through life.

In Art we will explore sensory materials and experiment with colors. We will also explore what you can make when you put different colors together. We will be dancing with scarves and other instruments that we create through art projects. We will play with puppets and pretend play as well.

In Language development we talk to the children in complete sentences and reword what they are saying to create a complete sentence. We encourage them to follow one step directions and then add to those directions as they progress. We work very hard on developing a love for books as we find ways to bring the readings to life through interactive activities that go along with them.



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    Little Geniuses LLC is a Lakewood Ranch preschool facility specializing in STEM based curriculum
    to prepare your child for a technology driven future.