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Our Preschoolers

Achieving school readiness

Our preschoolers will be working on skills to make sure that they achieve school readiness in all areas of learning and developing. We will be encouraging more social interaction, sharing and getting along with others as these are very important skills as they progress into kindergarten. Our STEM curriculum allows us to adapt to each individual child’s needs and level of learning.

In Science your preschooler will be investigating objects through light, predicting weather patterns, using microscopes and documenting observations through pictures and prompts. We will explore mapping, magazines and other resources to encourage children to become engaged in their environment. We will be experimenting with measuring cups in the sensory table.

In Technology we will be expanding on your child’s skills by challenging them to different games and new levels of working problems out. They will be learning through play without even knowing how much they are actually learning.

In Engineering we will be explore how to make different objects such as bridges for cars to go across. They will learn about how and why different structures are stronger or weaker than others.

In Math your preschooler will be sorting objects by size, shape, color and amounts. We will be doing hands-on math such as stringing beads in different patterns and engineering blocks in certain designs. We will discuss the past, present and future pertaining to numbers. They will be counting out objects and matching them to their numeral number. We will explore how to estimate items.

In Art your preschooler will work on long-term projects such as paper-mache sculptures. We will sing songs and read books from around the world and complete art projects based on lessons from around the world. We will paint to the beat of the music to encourage children to express themselves as the creative individuals that they are.

In Language we will be teaching your preschooler how to listen with a purpose and why it is important to speak clearly. We will work with each individual on their level of their early reading skills. We will teach the importance of the written word and how to read left to right on the page. We will encourage daily writing skills since this is a very important skill for young preschoolers to develop before kindergarten. They will be recognizing letters and the sounds that they make. They will br participating in multiple step projects to develop these skills. We will play rhyming games and tell stories through play.


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    Little Geniuses LLC is a Lakewood Ranch preschool facility specializing in STEM based curriculum
    to prepare your child for a technology driven future.